Qbunk in your Food Hall

A seamless table ordering app for food clients

Qbunk is proven to reduce operating costs and increase revenue by 48% without compromising the quality of service you provide to your customers.

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Qbunk is the ‘must-have’ ordering app for food clients and food halls to maximise sales and operations.

Food halls are generally a busy yet fun atmosphere and we want to help you to have an easy flow of foot traffic, without worrying about queueing at a food or drink stand. Qbunk also allows you to serve more customers, faster – minimising customer wait times and maximising revenue per customer.

Utilising Qbunk maintains a seamless ordering process either to a table or collection point and ensures streamlined payment pre-drink/ food delivery. We help you make time savings & efficiencies that can impact your organisation’s bottom line such as saving on staffing costs.

With Qbunk you are able to easily and quickly manage the food and drinks on your menu, and promote your specials with changes live immediately at the click of a button. Plus, you are able to download ready-made reports from your tablet at the end of the day, week or month. 

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02Benefits of Qbunk

Happier customers.

Happier staff.

Increased revenue.

Reduced wait times.

24/7 support.

“Qbunk has been a phenomenal success. We have hit record numbers this year since it’s implementation seeing an increase in average customer spend and a reduction in labour costs.”

How it works


Customer selects their venue


Customer browses your full menu


Orders from their mobile phone


Customer pays via Stripe


Venue is notified with a new order


Venue order is picked up and made


Venue delivers order to customer