Qbunk in your Bar

A seamless ordering system for bars.

Qbunk is proven to reduce operating costs and increase revenue by 48% without compromising the quality of service you provide to your customers.

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Qbunk is the ‘must-have’ ordering system for bars to maximise sales and operations.

We help bars all over the UK to deliver world-class customer service, allowing your customers to avoid crazy queues at the bar, minimising their wait time and maximising your revenue per table/customer. Whilst most ordering apps take the bar experience away, we make it better –  allowing your bartenders to add their creative flair to fancy cocktails. 

Utilising Qbunk maintains a seamless ordering process ‘from table to bar’ and ensures streamlined payment pre-drink delivery. We help to apply a pragmatic approach to how time savings & efficiencies can impact your organisation’s bottom line.

With Qbunk you are able to easily and quickly manage the drinks on your menu, with changes live immediately at the click of a button. Easily upload your full bar menu, bar snacks and bar layout using a back-end system. Plus, you are able to download ready-made reports from your tablet at the end of the day, week or month.

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02Benefits of Qbunk

Happier customers.

Happier staff.

Increased revenue.

Reduced wait times.

24/7 support.

“Qbunk has been a phenomenal success. We have hit record numbers this year since it’s implementation seeing an increase in average customer spend and a reduction in labour costs.”

Lynsey Jones

Operations Manager -
Chester Racecourse

How it works


Customer selects their venue


Customer browses your full menu


Orders from their mobile phone


Customer pays via Stripe


Venue is notified with a new order


Venue order is picked up and made


Venue delivers order to customer