Supporting the hospitality industry this Christmas

Dec 17, 2021

Qbunk’s table ordering app is the answer to the nightmare before Christmas (and New Year!).

Of all the Christmas traditions, fully booked tables and year-high revenues top the list of ones which hospitality businesses look forward to most.

The festive season is usually a gift for restaurants, bars, and pubs in terms of volume of business, but it’s also a time when systems and staff come under most pressure.

There’s no question that hospitality was one of the sectors which suffered most during the Covid pandemic, faced with more than a year of constantly changing rules, restrictions, and shutdowns.

Then just as those were finally lifted, and there was light at the end of the tunnel, the industry was hit with a sucker punch – a recruitment crisis.

That has meant as restaurants, bars and pubs enter their busiest period, many are struggling to attract enough staff to keep up with demand.

They need to find a way to make how they run their business more efficient, so a reduced front-of-house team doesn’t necessarily result in reduced revenue and customer experience, just when they should really be recouping some of their Covid losses.

Qbunk’s table ordering app is the answer to the nightmare before Christmas (and New Year!).

Not only does it allow far more orders to be delivered, so the working hours of existing staff can be used more effectively, it cuts down waiting times for customers to get what they want so their satisfaction rating goes up (way up!).

Revenues per table/customer have been shown to increase too, by 48%, so introducing Qbunk into a business is a triple hit – and it comes with the reassurance of 24-hour support.

Hospitality customers became increasingly familiar during the pandemic with ordering via an app on their phone because it was seen to reduce social contact and so the risk of transmitting the virus.

They’re likely to have already experienced the pluses that having their order go directly to the bar or kitchen bring in speeding up service and reducing mistakes in orders and payment. So, one of the many benefits for venues of using the Qbunk system is customers who go home satisfied with the best possible service.

Venues are facing issues with employees phoning in and reporting positive Covid tests, leaving venues understaffed and large group bookings are being cancelled due to government protocol and fear of catching new strains of the virus.

Operators are losing out on revenue because of the above. To survive, they will have to start thinking smarter and be more pragmatic with their approach to reducing costs, pre-empting staff shortages & increasing revenues during the short windows of opportunity that present themselves during operation hours.

Having customers ordering through our app, saving valuable time, and improving efficiency, will go a long way to easing the stress on restaurants, bars, and pubs this festive season, especially when they’re trying to cope with reduced staffing levels.

Happy customers, happy staff, happy business owners …. Happy Christmas!

We understand that Christmas will (hopefully) be a busy time. Whilst we can offer a 72-hour set-up window… we know you may want to wait until the New Year to implement a new system. To simply have a no obligation chat with our team about how you could utilize Qbunk, get in touch today.

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