Minibar Vs App Spending

Jan 25, 2022

Hotel guests want what they want – and they don’t want an over-priced, poorly curated selection.

Anyone who’s ever stayed in a hotel knows the go-to mantra as soon as you set foot inside your room… ‘stay away from the minibar’. If you’re travelling with children, say it on repeat and louder.

That’s because, instead of being seen as the positive guest amenity it once was, the minibar’s reputation now precedes it, setting off hard-to-ignore alarm bells of caution over hiked up prices or accidental purchases.

Getting stung for an extortionate bottle of water and a bag of cashews leaves a bad taste, especially if you didn’t even buy them; just nudged them around on the shelf.

At best, most people have a love-hate relationship with the tiny fridge that once promised so much.

At worst, the minibar fails to deliver on value and, maybe even more damaging in a sector that’s always striving to be current, it can seem unattractively out-dated.

Through the early 2000s, in-room spending on food and drinks plummeted, so much so that when TripAdvisor did a survey of travellers’ favourite hotel amenities in 2014, minibars trailed in a miserable last place.

It’s not so much that people fell out of love with the idea – and the convenience – of in-room snacks; it’s more how they’re presented.

Hotel guests want what they want – and they don’t want an over-priced, poorly curated selection.

It’s this gap between expectation and reality that has left the market wide open for an in-room service app.

Qbunk’s app allows hotels to offer a far wider, more imaginative range of snack food and drinks which can be easily ordered, delivered, and paid for.

It’s like having a virtual minibar sitting on the phone of every guest – one that isn’t taking up space, untouched in the corner.

The pricing is clearly visible, it’s instant pay, so there are no shocks at check-out, and there’s no risk of a purchase alert being accidentally triggered by some fridge rummaging.

Plus, for venues, it takes away the task of the already busy staff to investigate what’s missing in the minibar and restocking, and management can view reports at the touch of a button to see what their customers are treating themselves to.

It’s a simple step-by-step process – customers browse the menu on the app, order what they fancy, pay via Stripe and have it delivered to their room. The hotel can easily manage and update stock and keep a record of sales. It works equally well for both sides and it’s all at the touch of a button.

Best of all, guests leave feeling like they’ve had a bespoke in-room service, not been slapped with a big bill for a mini-Merlot.

With Qbunk you can utilise your existing staff to create a brand-new revenue stream with profit margins up to 200%! Want to learn more about our room service offering visit

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